My name is Kj – Aka Whurree Uzumaki and I’m a Huge Naruto/Buruto Manga fan, Mopar, SRT and RT fan.  I'm also a Street Outlaws, Gas Money Garage, and Top Gear fan. My 2016 “Go Man-Go!” color  Dodge Hellcat is fudging sick just as it is,

however I plan to customize it a little, not too much though, but just enough to make it somewhat unique.


This cars is quickly becoming my passion and I feel the need to document my journey because it should be a fun one.


I’m happy to have everyone along for the ride and just from my first video I can tell how much I will need to grow to do this project, because I am a very shy person who hates the sound of his own voice.  Anyway there is no set agenda for when I’ll have a mod done to the Hellcat. As I budget the funds and get them done I’ll update my channel. I’ll also be updating this channel with Vlogs, builds, Mexico Street racing, and pretty much any other random stuff that comes to mind.....


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